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easier life in music business

for artists and labels to connect, distribute and earn


Upload and discover unpublished fresh music.


Promote your music, get feedback and find the right agreement.


Distribute music through a seamless and integrated system.


Get paid for your work: producing, distributing or both.


SUGGEST ON DEMOSEND, step by step:

SUGGEST is a tool on Demosend that connects artists and labels for a real time feedback, creating the opportunity of contract, distribution and earning.

A SUGGEST is a notification from artist to label that invite to listen a demo and leave a real time feedback. To make a SUGGEST, artist has to click on the SUGGEST button below the demo player and select the label(s) to send it. Artist can also SUGGEST demo directly from a label page, with the same button under the label's name. Label receives a notification with the invitation to listen the demo and can leave a positive (Bid or Interest) or negative (Automatic message) in real time.



1.1 Artist clicks Suggest button below the demo player and select the label(s) to send the suggestion. You can select from the users that you follow or search by name.

Artist can suggest demo with a playable option Public, Only Labels and Only On Request. Sending the suggest you authorize listening to your demo at the recipient.

1.2 Artist can also suggest demo from the label page of the recepient, with the same button under the label's name.

Suggest from the page of the recepient permitt to send only to that user but you can select more than one demos.


Label receives a notification for the suggest. Clicking on notification you can listen the demo suggested and leave a real time feedback.

Label can leave a positive feedback, with Interest or Bid for contract and distribution, or leave a negative feedback, with an automatic message of no interest.


Artist receives the real time feedback. All the users can check their suggest in the Suggestions section on Message page.

With Suggest tool you can connect directly with the recepient and hava greater oppurtunities to distribute and earn with your music. All your Suggest history is on your Suggestions page.


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