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for Labels


Upload and discover unpublished fresh music.


Promote your music, get feedback and find the right agreement.


Distribute music through a seamless and integrated system.


Get paid for your work: producing, distributing or both.

How Demosend works for Labels:


Discover new artists, listen unreleased demos and stay updated from the ones you’re interested in. Unsigned and fresh music to discover and release, in a dynamic interface to facilitate your work.


A community of music professionals where we promote fruitful conversations and business-driven feedback. Worldwide artists and all genres, there’s no time for unsolicited noise but only for your music interests.


A bid is a way to give a royalty proposal for a demo. It’s the first step from interest to business and we help you to start the deal with the artist, a specific tool will make everything fast and easy.


From contact to contract, with minimal hassle. A direct way with artists to upload, send and confirm agreements, manage audio files and royalty, it’s all about business.


A seamless and integrated distribution system is the one you need to work efficiently: over 130 download and streaming stores, daily stats, mastering service and many more, your business opportunities will always be our main target.


Our goal is to make your life easier in music business. Automatic and secure payments for you and your artists, clear and detailed reports, custom stats and promotions, earn money with music has never been easier.

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