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easier life in music business

for artists and labels to connect, distribute and earn


Upload and discover unpublished fresh music.


Promote your music, get feedback and find the right agreement.


Distribute music through a seamless and integrated system.


Get paid for your work: producing, distributing or both.


BID ON DEMOSEND, step by step:

BID is a tool that allows artists and labels to sign an agreement for a demo, manage contracts, audio files and royalties for distribution.

A BID is an offer that a label makes to an artist for a particular demo. To make a BID, labels have to click on the BID button on the side of the demo and select the % of the proposal. All the bids sent/received, pending and completed can be found on your BID page.



Label clicks Bid button on the player to start the flow with an offer where has to select the % of royalties distribution.

Usually a standard percentage is 50%-50%, but you can manage as you prefer.


Artist can accept, raise or reject the offer received.

Artist can accept the offer or raise by changing percentage until the agreement of both parties or the giving up of one of the parts. Each users are free to leave the negotiation at any time with Reject.


Artist and label excharge the contract signed and confirmed.

Upload/download of the contract from both parties, with an archive of all the bids and agreements signed. Label can download and customize a sample contract on its account.


The upload of the track by the artist in a suitable format for the distribution or for the mastering (according to the request of the label) and the download available for both. Ready for distribution on over 130 music stores in one click!

Label can distribute the wav uploaded by the artist or can download the wav for mastering and re-upload it for distribution. Standard audio format for distribution on online stores is Wav 16 bit 1411 kbps.

Done! Now with Bid the Label can distribute the track with Demosend distribution on over 130 music stores and Demosend will think of everything crediting the royalties to Label and Artist according with the bid percentage of each track!

For example:

- a Bid of a track with 60% Artist and 40% Label

-100€ of royalties from Demosend distribution

- Demosend splits automatically 60€ to Artist and 40€ to Label


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